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Outreach to refugees and soldiers in Ukraine

August 24, 2016 marks the 25th anniversary of Ukraine’s Declaration of Independence. But it's not only been peace in Ukraine since then. Two years ago broke out with Russia. Since then, DPM has distributed almost 4,000 items of free teaching material to soldiers, refugees and churches in Ukraine. Outreach worker Vlad reports: "I just send a...."
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Syria: 'I never knew that I’d be able to handle a war like this. But God changes not. What He said He will do!'

"When you are living from minute-to-minute with awful shelling going on we can all tell you that much of our time is spent 'surviving'. But we do continue working! Melo, who is working with us, said: “I never knew that I’d be able to handle a war like this. Seeing buildings and cars catch fire and a neighbour running to save his own car and giving his life for it would have scared me to death..."
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Self-Study Bible Course in Tagalog (Philippines) distributed to graduating Bible College students

Graduating students from Baptist Bible College Asia in Philippines received a copy of the Self-Study Bible Course in their local language, Tagalog. This book was also distributed to students at an Assembly of God Bible College in Legaspi. These graduates will minister in many different places and this book helps them to discipel new believers.
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Inmate comes to the Lord through 'The Divine Exchange' and makes a vow to God

It was a day like many others, in the beginning of July, when Danny rang and placed a large book order. After he had summed up what he wanted, he shared a really encouraging testimony. He was in prison for many years, and it was Derek's teaching that brought him to the Lord whilst he was in there. He vowed that once he got released he would buy Derek's resources and give them away, so that others
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