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Would you like to have power to lift curses and bring freedom?

The way to do this is only known and understood properly by a handful of Christian believers in the church today. Yet curses are real - they hold strong spiritual power and can hold people captive in all sorts of ways.

The secret key to breaking the power of curses was uncovered by a Bible teacher called Derek Prince. It has profoundly influenced several generations of theologians and preachers and has provided a simple key to a better life for hundreds of thousands of Christians all over the world.


"Probably the best Christian book I've read, so far!"
- Jonathan Evered

"I do not know anyone who has read this book and remained the same... I have been blessed so much since reading it."
- Enechi Chukwuemeka

Are you continually frustrated by sickness, financial pressure, strained relationships or other struggles that just won't go away?

In his book "Blessing or Curse" Derek Prince draws on real-life experiences of people who were astonished to discover that they were not the victims of blind chance or heredity, but a generational curse. This book shows how a curse is not a superstition from the Dark Ages - but a very real force.


"If you really want to be set free & walk in the full power and peace of the Holy Spirit, you must read this. You must read it anyway. It is a genuine life changer." - Jane Larsen

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Discover the secret

To find out more about this hidden message which enables you to defeat curses and obtain God's blessing and freedom, order "Blessing or Curse" online today.


Study the message for yourself

If you would like to take part in a free online study program which covers this subject in depth, you can do so here. This study, taken from the message "Release from the Curse" by Derek Prince, has been divided into sections for ease of access.

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For Further Study

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Rachel Collinson, 23/10/2008