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Derek Prince at Eighty

A fellow minister said, “Derek talks about the nations of the world the way I talk about my neighbourhood.” Derek’s flexibility and adaptability is unusual for a man of his age. He is always ready to make a change in his lifestyle – or his exercise routine – if he believes it will please God. The combination of adaptability and absolute trust in God’s sovereignty enable the Princes to undertake trips which would challenge younger people.Late in 1994 they set off on their fourth round-the-world ministry journey via South Africa, Southeast Asia, New Zealand and the United States. Five months later they returned to Jerusalem excited and refreshed by all they had experienced. Derek says, “It is the harvest hour! Even in Muslim nations, God is gathering in those He has chosen for Himself.” The discipline, dedication, single-mindedness and thoroughness which characterised Derek’s early life have come to maturity. He seeks to do the very best he can in whatever he undertakes, at the same time acknowledging his total dependence upon God. The Princes have enlisted an “army” of intercessors around the world who undergird them and the work of DPM with prayer. Derek freely acknowledges his reliance upon the prayers of others and is quick to give the glory to the Lord for answered prayer.


Derek Prince has devoted every gift God has given him to the clear, practical exposition of the Bible. These are some of the biblical truths he has recovered for this generation:


  • The discipline of fasting  
  • Release from curses
  • Praying for the government
  • The place of Israel in God’s plan 
  • Deliverance from demons 
  • The power of proclamation


In the past decade he has also spoken extensively on the events leading up to the close of the age, interpreting them in the light of the prophetic Scriptures. At the age of eighty, Derek Prince looked back on nearly fifty years of Christian service and said,


God is faithful! I could never have planned all this. I am always astonished when I hear that  people know my teaching in some of the smallest villages of India or are watching my videos in Siberia – God is orchestrating it all!


More than fifty years ago, in what is today Israel,


He spoke to me and said, "I have called thee to be a teacher of the Scriptures in truth and faith and love which are in Christ Jesus – for many." I could never have imagined how many that would be! But there has been a progression: first, I sought to give out the clear truth, then God emphasised the need for faith, and today my supreme aim is to produce love in those who hear my messages and read my books.


I believe there still are many more for me to reach. I have no plans to retire. I look forward to fulfilling all that God still has in His plan for my life. He has proved Himself faithful to me for more than fifty years, and I trust Him to continue faithful to the end.



Many of Derek's family gathered for his 80th birthday celebration, 1995. Derek has thirty-five grandchildren, fifty-eight great-grandchildren and seven great-great-grand children. Eight grandsons are full-time Christian ministry, as are two great-grandsons.

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