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Latest articles

We say 'YES' to Donkey work!
DPM supplies 50 water donkeys to Ethiopian widows in need. (Author: Neil Cornick)

Prayer Request 12/05/2011
Romania: Pray for the new book, Gifts of the Holy Spirit... (Author: )

Prayer Request 10/05/2011
France: Myriam is translating the last few messages of the “God’s Last Word” series... (Author: )

IPU 0111
How to make 2011 a great year (Author: )

Pakistan Flood Relief
Help those suffering in the aftermath of the devastating floods. (Author: )

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Folks, here’s a call for your prayer support from India. As the Lord leads you do participate in any way you can. - (Guest) (27/01/2014 11:14:41)

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