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Video: Taking Communion at home

Now that churches have closed their doors due to the coronavirus, many Christians are taking Communion at home. In this short video, Bible teacher Derek Prince shares some inspiring insights.




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Online ministry in the Middle East

19 March 2020

“Mister Mister” is his name on Facebook, a Muslim who says that he turned to Christ years ago. He came to our Arabic DPM Facebook page asking about the judgment that God had made to the people in Noah’s time and about the flood and if the ark was the redemption alternative?

Kalahari desert

2 March 2020

Retired Pastor Stemmet took a six-week trip to the Kalahari Desert area that borders on Botswana and Namibia. At Pella, he came across two black ladies outside the historical Catholic church. He only had one Foundations book in Afrikaans and offered it to them to keep if they promised to read it. He left briefly, and when he returned the women were crying with joy at what they had read! He said


14 January 2020

One of Derek’s most powerful teachings, which has enabled countless thousands of people to be set free from generational and other types of curses, is How to Pass from Curse to Blessing. DPM-Philippines Director, John Cochrane recently taught 45 pastors on this topic.

Iran: baptised in ice-cold water

11 December 2019

They are taxi drivers, shop owners, doctors, students, mothers, fathers, but they all have one thing in common: they grew up as Muslims living in Iran, but now have accepted Jesus as their Saviour and Lord. They love the Lord passionately but it has a price.