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Testimony from India: "Declaring God's Word has brought change in my personal life, but also in my business"

"We started our business with lots of prayers and blessings. But due course it became too much “business,” and there was no God in it at all. The Declaring God’s Word daily reading has not only brought change in my personal life, but it also has inspired me to bring God back into my business. It is a blessed change. Thank you for..."
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Indigenous Outreach Australia: fires of revival are beginning

DPM is working with the Australian Children’s Prayer Network to minister in two Aboriginal communities in New South Wales, where drug and alcohol problems, and suicide among the youth, have been extremely high for several decades. Derek’s teachings have been invaluable for some adults in these communities. Alex Genovese, our DPM Australia director, received this testimony from...
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India Outreach: nine women delivered of terrible demonic possessions

During a women’s seminar in Mumbai (India) nine woman were mightily deliveredI DPM India Director Elsie taught on 'The Divine Exchange"and as she proclaimed the victory of Christ over the Kingdom of Satan, two demon possessed women threw their hair open and danced right up to the front, the demons manifesting wildly. But praise God, in a minute she was on the floor, completely delivered.
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Mission trip to Iran: 'Bigger love and new purpose in life'

Recently 3 pastors from Azerbaijan were arrested in Iran for their outreach activities and the Iranian government seems to be more alert on Christian outreach. Nonetheless every month an outreach team from DPM operates in Iran. One of our team members wrote: "It was a challenge to go, but...
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