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29 July 2021

I’m sure you will agree that the days we are living in are both challenging and exciting. Challenging due to Covid-19 and the many difficulties and changes that has brought with it, yet exciting, because the Lord is moving mightily in the midst of it to bring transformation to so many lives. One of those lives transformed is Kong Chanmakara. Kong works in a community which provides a feeding..


14 July 2021

Due to the pandemic, our two coordinators in Vietnam haven’t been able to hold as many seminars as previously, but we are pleased to advise of several recent seminars held: A two-day seminar in Quang Ngai province (South-East Vietnam) for 12 tribal pastors and leaders, and 85 church members from nine local churches. Derek’s books, Divine Exchange and God’s Medicine Bottle were freely...

Armenia: Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

9 July 2021

Vazgen, DPM–Armenia Director, is also a pastor. Recently, his church experienced an outpouring of the Holy Spirit when his congregation was watching Derek’s teaching, “How to Receive the Holy Spirit”, on big screens. Many people had not yet been filled with the Holy Spirit. As Derek led in prayer, many came forward and experienced an indescribable and heavenly visitation as they were...

Distributing food parcels and hope in India

9 July 2021

In India, many people have lost their income due to the Covid lockdown. DPM India director Elsie and the DPM team have been distributing essential food parcels to families of those labourers and will continue to do so until people are able to get back to work. They encourage them with words of hope and God's love, which many people are hungry for.