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Middle East: Helping seekers online find the truth about Jesus and the Bible

28 July 2020

"Your Book is not true, it is distorted. You worship three Gods (May Allah Forgive you)! How can you say that God has a son - this doesn’t make sense at all. How can God be a Father, a Son and the Holy Spirit? Prove this from your Bible!” This is how a young Muslim girl, named Samia, started her messages to our team on Facebook. Several conversations followed. She enrolled to our...

South Africa: Derek Prince' Bible teaching on the four biggest online platforms

10 June 2020

Elev8 Africa Networks Platform is broadcasting the message of Jesus Christ to the whole world via mobile This month, their mobile Christian television broadcasting will be launched on the four biggest online platforms in South Africa. This means that Derek's Bible teaching will now be available to a potential 500 million viewers on Roku, Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV.

Middle East: Outreach through Facebook

8 June 2020

Since the Covid-19 Outbreak and the lockdown that followed it, our team in Egypt has received many questions and responses on Facebook. Yasmine* contacted us from Algeria, knowing that our Facebook page is Christian. When we asked her how we could help her, she immediately asked for resources about Jesus. She openly admitted that she is a Muslim but that she wants to know more about Jesus...

Supporting Rehab centres in Ukraine

5 June 2020

The Ukrainian team is continuing to provide rehab centres with free materials by Derek Prince, helping addicts to find true freedom in Christ and a purpose for life. (See picture)