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South East Asia outreach: exciting new opportunities in spite of Covid-19 pandemic

29 November 2021

2021 has proven to be another challenging year for so many people across the globe. Our Derek Prince Ministries co-workers throughout the Asia/Pacific region have labored tirelessly to help those affected by Covid-19, plus job losses, food shortages and persecution. For 2022, they have even further plans.

Reaching the unreached in African villages

14 October 2021

Despite restrictions due to Covid-19, Pastor Stemmet has been able to reach over 50 towns across all of Cape Province in the past 18 months. He ministered to people who do not have a local pastor and gave them Derek’s teaching in Afrikaans and Bibles. Follow-up is being done via WhatsApp and repeats visits.

Testimony from DPM Online Bible School in Belarus

30 September 2021

Anna from Belarus is studying at the Derek Prince Online Bible School. “It’s great that this course is available online. In any place and at any time, I can take my device and study. I repeat topics, reread my answers to questions or repeat key verses. It is a constant inspiration and support for regular study. I’m so grateful for having this opportunity to discover the truth.”

Testimonies from online outreach in the Middle East

20 September 2021

DPM outreach workers in the Middle East are contacted daily via social media by seekers and new believers. They listen to their personal stories, answer their questions, pray for them, offer free resources and invite them for online discipleship. This approach is bearing much fruit, as becomes clear in these two testimonies from August.