In response to the latest Government guidelines regarding Covid-19, it has been necessary to temporarily reduce our levels of service. Our phone lines will be open from 9am - 2pm Monday to Friday so please call within these hours.  You can place an order, make a donation or submit a prayer request on our website, but you may experience a delay in response, or receiving your goods, as orders will be dispatched twice a week, rather than daily. Thank you for your understanding.


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Iran: How thanksgiving, praise and worship changed a life

18 December 2020

In Tabriz, an Iranian city, Hajar heard the Gospel two years ago when she met people from our DPM outreach team. They gave Hajar a micro SD-card with Derek’s teaching and soon she developed a friendship with the team. Derek's teaching made a deep impact on Hajar's life.

Hundreds Coming to Salvation in Cambodia

18 December 2020

Over the past three months, Cambodia has experienced the most devastating floods for 40 years due to a tropical storm. Around 240,000 people have been affected, with 39 people losing their lives. There have been landslides in at least 19 of the country’s 25 provinces and thousands of hectares of rice and other crops have been damaged. DPM-Cambodia Director Huy and the team saw this as an...

Iran: The life-changing impact of one small book

2 December 2020

"God didn’t want to punish me. Instead, God wanted to help me deal with my problems, He wanted to help me to see the root of all pain I suffered, the negative things I’ve experienced in my life.” These words come from Davud, an elderly man in Iran, after having read Derek's book 'God's Remedy for Rejection'. Read his full testimony here...

25 refugees from Nagorno-Karabach baptized

1 December 2020

The sudden war in Nagorno-Karabach, between neighbouring countries Armenia and Azerbaijan, caused thousands of people to flee. Since the outbreak of the war, DPM Armenia director, Vazgen, who is also a pastor, has been sheltering hundreds of people in his church. They also listened and comforted the people, to help them deal with their pain, grief and fears. They shared God’s Word with them...