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Video: Taking Communion at home

Now that churches have closed their doors due to the coronavirus, many Christians are taking Communion at home. In this short video, Bible teacher Derek Prince shares some inspiring insights.




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Testimony from Ukraine

19 May 2020

Taisya (35) lives in Ukraine. Two years ago, she was introduced to the Bible for the first time and became a believer. But, she said, like many new converts who begin to study the Bible by themselves, I couldn't see some very important things. I'm very grateful for the 'faith hero' Derek Prince, because, through his Bible teaching, I am now able to dig deeper into the Scripture. and to see...


19 May 2020

The Armenian app is very active sending daily messages from DPM during this corona crisis. Our team is volunteering to take meals to the elderly and the poor in our city. This way, we have permission to be out on the streets. With every meal we deliver, we add a copy of The Exchange at the Cross, that was translated specifically for this purpose. Before this crisis, our main focus was to reach the


19 May 2020

During Albert’s (DPM–Egypt Director) visit to South Sudan last December, God opened a new door of partnership with two ministries: Ministry of Hope and Nation Inheritance. All ministries came together to hold a three-month Discipleship School in February for 40 students from South Sudan and surrounding countries. Pastor Peter came from Egypt on behalf of DPM and held training for three weeks...


5 May 2020

A seminar was held in February for pastors and others in Quang Ngai Province (central east coast) on How to Pass from Curse to Blessing, Spiritual Warfare and God’s Plan for Your Money. Curses were broken and many were touched by the power of God. Another seminar was also held using Derek’s teaching God’s Medicine Bottle, given that the coronavirus is affecting the entire nation.