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Reaching the unreached in Cambodia

28 May 2021

For the first time in February, our team in Cambodia visited a remote island, Koh Sdach, off the west coast where there was no church. They shared the Gospel with 100 families from an unreached people group, and all of them prayed to accept Jesus! Read more....

Praise reports from DPM South-Africa

25 May 2021

More and more people are asking for ministry on generational curses, often after watching Derek’s teaching on YouTube. The Lord God is using this teaching to bring deliverance to people, as stands out from this response received on the video: "I watched both parts and have been waiting all day for this deliverance! Hallelujah!! I watched the first part this morning but had to go to work. I ...

India: many non-Christians seeking the Lord

22 May 2021

In India, many new doors have opened after a difficult year, and we see a new thirst for the Lord among believers and seekers. We held a meeting with over 200 attendees, and 70 percent of them were non-Christians. Read more...

OUTREACH REPORT: food parcels and proclamation cards distributed in Vietnam

21 May 2021

Our team in Vietnam recently shared an update on their outreach. In the last two years, they distributed 44,500 books and over 24,000 Proclamation Cards in Vietnamese. Even in the past difficult year, 22,500 books were distributed!