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Algeria: Kabyle translation of Declaring God's Word. Listen for yourself!

Derek’s 365-day devotional Declaring God’s Word has been a blessing to many believers worldwide. Recently, the audio version of the Kabyle translation of this teaching has been available to encourage Christians and seekers in Algeria. You are possibly not a Kabyle speaker, you might wonder what this language sounds like, so we’re sharing Day 1 from this Devotional with you. Listen for yourself!

Outreach in India: equipping Pastors in rural areas

DPM-India Outreach Directors, Elsie and Danny, recently held a very successful trip to the states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh (north India). There is very little Christian activity here but severe persecution against Christians and Christian organisations. However, they taught and encouraged pastors and Christian leaders at three seminars using Derek’s teaching material and...

Bringing Relief to Syrian refugees

Blankets, sheets, food – those are the materials Omar* and his team are taking to refugees and families in need in Syria. They are also contributing to heating fuel costs, as winter is coming soon and it can be very cold in Syria. But, as well as material comfort, they also share hope and spiritual food by giving them Arabic Bible teaching and SD-cards containing Derek Prince's Bible teaching.

Bringing Hope in Syria

Bringing hope in Syria For over seven years now, a terrible war is destroying Syria. Thousands of people have been killed. Millions have fled. A generation is growing up in the midst of ruins and bombs, without ever having known peace. Is there any hope for this country? Yes, there is! Read this letter we received from a Syrian lady...