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Bringing Hope in Syria

Bringing hope in Syria For over seven years now, a terrible war is destroying Syria. Thousands of people have been killed. Millions have fled. A generation is growing up in the midst of ruins and bombs, without ever having known peace. Is there any hope for this country? Yes, there is! Read this letter we received from a Syrian lady...

Teaching seminars in remote villages in Myanmar (Burma) bring new life and encouragement

'One of my problems was giving out spiritual material to new believers', says an evangelist from Myanmar. His team visits remote villages to share the Gospel, and people gladly receive Jesus Christ as their Lord. But how to help them deepen their faith until his next visit to these towns? Then he received Derek Prince's Bible materials. 'They are very valuable!'

Free Japanese materials now available online

We are delighted to advise that the new DPM Japan website now has heaps of teaching on it in Japanese and we are wanting to let as many Japanese speaking churches and believers know about this amazing resource. Please share this news with any Japanese speaking people you know and especially to Japanese language churches.

Cambodia: Young Pastor discovers the authority of Jesus Christ over demonic powers

Yao Phor, a young pastor in a north-eastern province in Cambodia, has about 100 people in his congregation. He shared that there are many demonic works in his village - the devil makes people sick and asks them to kill animals as an offering. When a New Zealand missionary couple visited Cambodia earlier this year and held a seminar for pastors, Yao Phor eagerly attended.