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Testimonies from Croatia

“Derek Prince is my spiritual father. If I had not seen and heard his video tapes, I would have never met Jesus Christ as my personal Savior…. " This is just one of the testimonies our outreach workers in Croatia recently received through Facebook. A former Communist Party member who read Derek's book for the first time, called to say: "Please continue with this work, do not give up."

China: responses through WeChat platform from almost every Chinese province

The DPM Chinese WeChat platform (a do-it-all digital App in China) shows responses from every province except two in the far west! We can now reach many new people across China! Our Taiwan publisher gives us free translations, but it has been very difficult for some time to convert their material from Taiwan’s original script to Chinese Simplified Script. The printer has now resolved this battle,

Cambodia: Derek's Khmer language proclamations on radio

We are very excited to have Derek’s Khmer language proclamations broadcast on radio daily. Also, we have an open door to give Derek’s Khmer teaching to churches and Bible schools. We sent 35 sets of material to a pastor for his leaders and other pastors, 50 copies of the Self-Study Bible Course to a church, 120 sets to Bible school graduates, and 120 sets to a pastors’ conference.

Training Iranian pastors: 'There is a huge spiritual hunger!'

In June, a group of ministers from Iran gathered in a secret place for a week of special training. Of all these ministers are leading a network of underground churches, so it was very strategic (although risky) to train them.