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Myanmar: God's Medicine Bottle used by God to bring peace of mind and healing

Derek's book 'God's Medicine Bottle' is used by God to bring healing and we receive powerful testimonies from people who read this book. Recently we received a testimony for a pastor in Yangon. He wrote: "Part of my work is to visit the sick in hospitals and homes. I pray for them fervently, using the Word of God. I have memorized many Bible verses. But using Derek’s book, God’s Medicine Bottle...

Testimony from Israel: "If spiritual growth in Israel was measured by results versus investment, no ministry would do anything here. However, your investment is vitally important."

A pastor and business from Israel wrote an encouraging letter that we simply have to share with you! "I want to thank you for the books that you gave us recently. The body in Israel is very small and the soil in Israel is hard. Whoever sows a seed must have patience for the harvest and I really believe that...

Denmark: 14 powerful books translated and available in national bookshops

Sverre, Director of DPM in Norway, was instrumental in the start-up of the DPM office in Denmark and is so thankful for what the Lord is doing! He recently met their strong team that has some very skilled translators. Since it began in 2010, Bjarne Kjær, a devoted follower of Derek’s teaching, and his team have translated 14 of Derek’s major books into Danish and succeeded in joining the national

Testimonies from Croatia

“Derek Prince is my spiritual father. If I had not seen and heard his video tapes, I would have never met Jesus Christ as my personal Savior…. " This is just one of the testimonies our outreach workers in Croatia recently received through Facebook. A former Communist Party member who read Derek's book for the first time, called to say: "Please continue with this work, do not give up."