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What we do

DPM was originally established in the USA in 1971 and exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ through the Bible teaching of the late Derek Prince. DPM-UK was founded in 1986. Since then, it has served many thousands of believers in the UK and worldwide. In the UK today DPM seeks to equip and resource Christians from all walks of life by offering:

  • Teaching Letters full of biblical insights and inspirationThousands of people receive our free Teaching Letters that help them to engage biblically with issues in the world today.
  • Resources to Help You Grow: a wide range of books, CDs, DVDs and MP3s to help you grow towards spiritual maturity. Check out our FREE RESOURCES and our SHOP today.
  • DPM Outreaches: turning converts into disciples and combating spiritual hunger worldwide through giving and praying.
  • Inside Outreach: transforming lives in UK prisons by making Derek Prince’s teaching available for free to prison libraries and prisoners.
  • Outreach and Discipleship Tools: in English or in selected foreign languages for churches doing evangelistic outreach in their communities (materials in over 100 languages are available).
  • Foreign Language Resources: enabling you and your church to reach out to foreign nationals in your local community.
  • Study Courses: offering a variety of insightful and practical ways to study the Scriptures at your own pace.
  • Prayer and Praise Resources: to enable you and your church to pray effectively for our outreach workers and volunteers in the UK and around the world.


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