25 refugees from Nagorno-Karabach baptized

The sudden war in Nagorno-Karabach, between neighbouring countries Armenia and Azerbaijan, caused thousands of people to flee. Since the outbreak of the war, DPM Armenia director, Vazgen, who is also a pastor, has been sheltering hundreds of people in his church. All rooms in the building were cleared, chairs and tables were put aside or taken out, to make room for beds where people could sit and sleep.

With his team, Vazgen also provided food to support many other refugees, who had been taken into the homes of other Armenians. But not only did they provide for materials needs. They also listened and comforted the people, to help them deal with their pain, grief and fears.

They shared God’s Word with them and encouraged them with Derek's materials also. As a result, many refugees responded and asked to be baptized. Just recently, Vazgen baptized 25 refugees.

One of them, a young woman named Armine, said:

"Although I lost my house in Karabakh, I found Christ in Armenia. Although the terrorists օccupied my house, Jesus took my heart. Although we don't have peace in our homeland, I now have peace with God in my heart. To grasp all this, was worth going through all the horrors of war."

What an amazing testimony. God is at work!

Vazgen is planning a trip go the Nagorno Karabakh region to reach more refugees and to plan how they can help them through DPM. He says:

“The number one need is to take care of orphans and elderly people, as Derek taught us from the Bible. Many children have lost their parents. Several orphanages were destroyed by bomb shelling and these orphans don't have a place to stay anymore. The winter is ahead and we need to help them!”

Please keep Vazgen in your prayers as the road is still not safe. Although there are Russian so-called peacekeepers, there are also many terrorists active. Pray that the Lord will grant him a safe trip and fruitful meetings.

If you want to support this outreach, please make a donation today. 

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