A Christian library in Ethiopia

Sitting in my office, working from my desk, I am surrounded by two cupboards loaded with books. Most books are by Derek Prince, but I also have several Bibles in different translations, concordances and other Bible study resources available to me at any time. And these two cupboards are only a small portion of the many more Christian books I have at home. We recently moved to a new place, and I lost track of the number of boxes with books. All I know is there were a lot of them and all of them were heavy! 

Why am I sharing this? Because today, we received an email from Henok, our outreach worker in Ethiopia. He was sharing about a project he had been working on lately and he also attached some photos. This is what Henok wrote: 

For the last couple of weeks, I have been working on a Christian Library and training centre in one of the rural, and highly populated places, called Adami Tulu, Ethiopia. This would help us to train missionaries and send them back to different unreached areas around. Please keep praying for more books, and finances to support our daily evangelism activities.

Seeing the photos that he shared, I felt humbled. If that was a library, what would Henok call the books I have available in my office? Those books are there, only to serve me, but the books in Henok's library will be serving so many more people. And through these people, its teaching will reach even more!  

Henok's photos encouraged me once more to serve him - and Christ through him - the best I can. I made a donation towards DPM's outreach in Ethiopia. Will you join me and make a donation, too. 

Thank you for your support,

Joyce - Communications Manager DPM-UK


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