Algeria: Kabyle translation of Declaring God's Word. Listen for yourself!

Derek’s 365-day devotional Declaring God’s Word has been a blessing to many believers worldwide. Recently, the audio version of the Kabyle translation of this teaching has been available to encourage Christians and seekers in Algeria. Estimates of the number of Kabyle speakers range from about five to seven million speakers worldwide.  Even though you are possibly not a Kabyle speaker, you might wonder what this language sounds like, so we’re sharing Day 1 from this Devotional with you.  Listen for yourself!

Listen to Kabyle Devotional Day 1

Kabyle is mainly spoken in Algeria, a sovereign state in North Africa on the Mediterranean coast, and it is the tenth-largest country in the world. Christianity came to North Africa in the Roman era and Algeria was fully Christian by the fifth century.  A notable Berber Christian of Algeria was Saint Augustine.

After the Arab invasions of the 7th century, Christianity began to gradually disappear.  Now, Islam is the predominant religion in Algeria, accounting for 99% of the population.  However, in recent years, there has been an increase in conversions to Christianity among North African Muslims, especially in the Kabylie region.  A 2015 study estimates 380,000 Muslims converted to Christianity in Algeria.

While the practice and expression of other faiths are guaranteed by law, converts to Christianity may be investigated and searched by the authorities as well as punished.

Your involvement through prayers and finances make it possible to reach out to the people in Algeria.  May 100% of the Algerian people one day soon again acknowledge Jesus Christ to be Lord!

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