Angola: medical treatment became doorway to spiritual growth

A lady in Pretoria has been ministering for 8 years to a group of approx 60 Angolan (Portuguese) people who have been sent down to South Africa for medical treatment by the Angolan Government for 2 months to 2 years. The embassy has a house very close the DPM.

Isabelle, DPM-South Africa Director, 'co-incidentally' heard this lady giving thanks in a testimony on Radio Impact during a live service broadcast how the Lord had delivered them from a very serious car accident. She contacted the lady, who was delighted to know we had Portuguese material available. She had been teaching these Angolan people English, but now they can also get further teaching in Portuguese, which they can understand.

This same lady had been into Mozambique 2 years ago and a church was started there. Some of Derek's Portuguese material has been sent to them and another shipment will be going to Angola to leaders, which were previously reached while in South Africa.

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