Angola - Reaching the #3 largest Portuguese speaking community worldwide

Angola is one of the largest African nations. It used to be a Portuguese colony that today is the number 3 largest Portuguese speaking community worldwide. 

We have more opportunities to get Derek’s Portuguese material to Angola through an Angolan pastor who will be going to train leaders and a lecturer who will be going to a Bible school and will take Derek’s material for their library. 

Angola is a conservative country when it comes to religious groupings; there is a propensity to intolerance when it comes to other religious organizations and sects that don’t fall in line with its own national identity. 

The majority of the Angolan population is Christian, although the National Institute for Religious Affairs estimates 25 percent of the population combines Christian and traditional beliefs. A small portion of the rural population practices animism or indigenous religious beliefs. There is also a Muslim community. most of whom are migrants from West Africa or of Lebanese origin. 



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