Armenia: Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

Vazgen, DPM–Armenia Director, is also a pastor. Recently, his church experienced an outpouring of the Holy Spirit when his congregation was watching Derek’s teaching, “How to Receive the Holy Spirit”, on big screens.

Many people had not yet been filled with the Holy Spirit. As Derek led in prayer, many came forward and experienced an indescribable and heavenly visitation as they were baptized with the Holy Spirit. One lady was filled later with the Holy Spirit in her husband’s car when he came to pick her up after the service.

Days later, she testified that she had changed beyond recognition since that moment. She used to suffer from terrible fears and thoughts, but after the baptism in the Holy Spirit, all her fears and negative thoughts left her. Vazgen said,

“We praise God that even though Derek is not with us today, his teachings continue to draw people closer to God. I believe that the time is coming when the fire of the Holy Ghost will spread faster than the coronavirus, filling the nations with His presence.”

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