Azerbaijan: ‘I got what I desperately needed’

Recently published, Does Your Tongue Need Healing? in Azeri is deeply touching people. Testimonies indicate that this book is blessing both believers and non-believers. Christians from different churches are even requesting copies for friends and relatives.

A believer for more than 20 years said: “I will give this book to all my friends. People's tongues will be healed after they read Bible verses from this book and the explanations. I got what I desperately needed all these years.”

Futhermore we distributed the Russian How to Pass from Curse to Blessing to Russian-speaking churches in cities and villages across Azerbaijan. People read it with great pleasure and are growing in their faith. Even non-Christians read it and ask our distributors many questions.

This month the translation of God’s remedy for rejection was finished. This teaching has made an impact on many people worldwide and we believe it will be a huge blessing to the Azeri people.

Azerbaijan was once the first Muslim Republic in the world, but this only lasted from 1918 – 1920, when Azerbaijan became part of the Soviet Union. After the Soviet Union fell apart in 1991, Azerbaijan became an independent Republic. Most inhabitants speak Azeri and Russian.

Even though Azerbaijan has a secular government and there is supposed to be freedom of religion, it’s hard to be a Christian in Azerbaijan, where 90% of the people are Muslims. Any other religious group has to register, so local authorities and secret police can check on them every time. Muslims who turn to Christ face fierce opposition from local authorities, Muslim leaders and family members. Furthermore neighbouring country Iran strives to export it’s strict Islam to Azerbaijan. 

Neil Cornick, DPM UK


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