Bible School and Radio broadcasting in Madagascar

When it comes to preaching the gospel, the apostle Paul says: He who boasts is to boast in the Lord (2 Corinthians 10:17). We want to praise God for all that He has made possible by His grace to reach the people in Madagascar and thank Him for Derek Prince books we were able to translate and print. 

We now also have 8 of his books in Mp3 format. These will be used in some radio stations as from March.

Derek Prince Ministries in South Africa blessed us with funds to translate more books and for us to buy 8 sets of Mp3 players so that we can put Derek’s teachings on them, as well as the Malagasy New Testament and other teachings. The MP3 players use solar panel and have a built-in rechargeable battery system. They are ideal to reach people in villages.                   

Furthermore we use Derek's books in our Bible School. We teach for 1-2 hours per week at churches. mixed with practising evangelism, intercession and prayer warrior teachings during the rest of the week. Many churches ask us to use the whole Sunday afternoon for our Bible School. The total number of participants per month for our Discipleship Training is 1,750; for  Evangelism 550 and for Intercession 450. We are so blessed when we read the testimonies that our students share of how their lives are changing because of a sound Biblical training.

Thank you for making that possible. All glory be to God!

Dries and Valerie, DPM Madagscar