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Recently a young woman told me how Derek's book 'Called to Conquer' had really changed her life:

“Derek challenged me to make a decision, and that first decision led to another, and another, and so on. But it started with his challenge to ‘present my body’ to God, as Paul described in Romans 12. Derek Prince is the first one who could ever really explain to me what that means.”

This is what he actually writes about it:

“What does God ask from us in return for all He has freely done for us and freely given to us? God does not ask something super-spiritual of us. He asks something very simple and practical: Give Me your body. Put your body on My altar as a living sacrifice. The first step in finding our places it so say: “Lord, my body belongs to You.” Once you have placed your body on God’s altar in total surrender, your body no longer belongs to you. It belongs to God. You no longer decide what happens to your body. God does. You do not determine what kind of job you are going to do with your body. God does. You do not choose where you are going to live. God does. But it is wonderful when He takes the responsibility. You may never have placed your body on God’s altar as a living sacrifice, but it is the gateway to knowing God’s will and finding your place.”


The young woman told me how she prayed the prayer that Derek offered in the book, and what happened after that initial step. Within a year she got baptised, started working for a Christian ministry and really got to love the Lord.

Well, I read the prayer. And realised I couldn’t simply repeat the words without actually meaning them. Placing my body on the altar would include the things I eat. And even though it wouldn’t hurt to lose a few kilos, I felt reluctant to give up my ‘rights’ to eat chocolate (if you know what I mean). Isn’t that the key issue with sin: wanting to be our own king? But how on earth could I let God decide where I should work and live, if I’ve got kids to care for? On the other hand, that’s His responsibility… and His sense of responsibility is much bigger than mine (and that’s really something to say when you’re a super-responsible-feeling mum like me!).

Derek Prince wrote: 

"The call that God places on each of our lives has direct relationship to His whole purpose and plan. If you can grasp this message, you will never again feel like a spec of dust floating in the universe. You will realize that you are an integral part of an eternal plan of God."

That’s definitely something I want to teach my children. It’s even an encouraging thought when I’m cleaning up after the kids (because raising them is definitely part of God’s plan for me!).

So here’s the prayer. Read it. Think about it. You might even want to discuss it with God. And who knows… you might want to pray it, too.

“Lord Jesus Christ, I thank You that on the cross You died for me that I might be forgiven, receive eternal life and become a child of God.

Lord, I come to You as the Head over the Church. I put my body now, Lord, on the altar of Your service, and I ask You to put me in my place in the Body. I give myself to You without reservation. From this day forward my body belongs to You. It will go where You tell it to go. It will do what You tell it to do. It will say what You tell it to say. It will serve in any way You tell it to serve.

Thank You, Lord, for receiving me as I come to You through Your name. Amen.”



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