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When I was a child I was often sick and I used to think that I may not live long. Our family situation was also difficult; my father was an angry man who often beat my brothers, sisters and my Mom. He often compared my brothers and me with other people’s children.  I grew up without feeling any love or care. I cursed myself and wanted to commit suicide because I felt I had no value in the family and that the future held no hope for me.  Thank God that He found me and changed my life, and through reading the book, How to Pass from Curse to Blessing, I realized the root cause of all the setbacks in my life.  I learnt how to break the curses off my life and learnt how to love my father and pray for him. Thank God, I am now happy and blessed. I am in church and serving God. Thank you, Derek Prince.

K.B – Central Highlands, Vietnam

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I was recently reading  Derek Prince’s book They Shall Expel Demons. It threw so much light on the operation of the kingdom of darkness and the process of deliverance. Derek’s message on Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose was also a great revelation  to me. The messages were so enlightening and nourishing, and revealed the truth of  the Word of God in a clear, simple way. I thank and praise God for bestowing the anointing of the teaching and revelation gifts on Derek Prince to teach the Word of God in a clear, simple way. This teaching definitely  helped me and will  go on helping many, many Christians all over the world. 
The teachings are a great blessing to the Church, especially the churches in the east.  I now feel that if I had come across Derek’s messages in the past, it would have made a greater impact on my life - both spiritual and physical, and I would not have wasted years and lost precious time in my life.  Thank you for continuing Derek Prince Ministries by making available Derek’s books, CDs, SD cards and the videos on YouTube which are so helpful to believers.   

K Sundar,  Andhra Pradesh, India

Through Derek’s book How to Pass from Curse to Blessing, I realized two extremes: blessing = life; curses = death.  I had never heard this before, not even in church. I also found out what blessing is and where the curse comes from. The basic requirement to be blessed is to listen to the voice of God and follow Him in obedience. I realized that I was somehow under a curse from the previous generation, but I also thank God for the solution. I repented from cursing myself. I learnt to apply the principle of tapping into the blessing that has been bought for me at the cross. I believe that I am blessed. I will share this with my family and friends in church. What a wonderful book!

L. T.M. T – Central Vietnam


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