Derek's book available through Niue bookshop

A small shipment of Derek’s books was recently sent to the local bookstore in Niue. Niue is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean northeast of New Zealand, between Tonga, American Samoa and the Cook Islands and the history of Christianity in Niue is interesting. 

The first European to sight Niue was Captain James Cook in 1774. He made three attempts to land but was refused permission to do so by the inhabitants. He named the island "Savage Island" because, as legend has it, the natives who "greeted" him were painted in what appeared to be blood. In fact it was a native red banana. 

The next European visitors were from the London Missionary Society, who arrived in 1846 on the "Messenger of Peace". After many years of trying to land a European missionary, a Niuean named Nukai Peniamina was taken to Samoa and trained as a Pastor at the Malua Theological College. Peniamina returned as a missionary. The chiefs of Mutalau village allowed him to land and assigned over 60 warriors to protect him day and night at the fort in Fupiu.

Today spiritual warriors are still needed to reach people in Niue. Thank you for praying for our ministry!