Botswana: reaching San Bushman people in their “click” language

The San Bushman people are known because of their mysterious "click" language.  We are translating Derek’s broadcasts into Naro San language. If all goes well, we will reach the Kalahari San of South Africa, Namibia and Botswana this year where 100,000 San Bushman people will have teaching in their own “click” language on CD, MegaVoice and the radio. There are quite a few San Bushman men and women helping with translations that will be used in test broadcasts.

Have you ever wondered how this language sounds? Watch this short BBC-video.

Also we are finalizing the Tswana language Life-Changing Spiritual Power book and cover to be distributed in Botswana and a large part of South Africa. Also some San Bushmen can understand Tswana and the younger generation can read it. 

It is because of supporters of  DPM like you that make this possible. Thank you!

Isabel Surgeon, Director DPM South-Africa

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