Botswana/Namibia/South Africa: Reaching the Kalahari San Bushmen

It is exciting to see new doors opening for Derek’s teaching in places that have never even heard the gospel! The Kalahari San Bushmen live in an area of northwest Botswana, part of east Namibia and the Northern Cape of South Africa. There is a population of 100,000 who are nomadic. Co-worker Martin Erasmus, a South African, has been working among them for the past five years. We have supplied him with transcripts to do translation into the Kalahari San language, and then voicing will be done onto CDs for radio broadcasting. The messages will also be loaded onto Megavoice players. The Tswana DVD series “Laying the Foundations” has already been taken by Martin to show the San Bushmen.

You are part of this exiting mission through your prayers and support. Thank you!

Isabel Surgeon, Director DPM South-Africa