Boxes of hope during the corona crisis

When the coronavirus epidemic broke out in faraway China, many in Armenia were sceptical regarding its threat to them. Some believed that the virus was unlikely to reach them. However, when it reached its neighbour Iran, it was clear to Armenia, with a population of three million, that the coronavirus was on the doorstep.

For Armenia, which has a developing economy, the spread of coronavirus was a major blow. When the Government declared a state of emergency many businesses were closed and many people became unemployed. One month later, many families faced the daily bread problem. And that was the moment when Derek Prince Ministries decided to do its best to spread a message of hope in the nation.

On the initiative of the outreach director of the Derek Prince Ministries Armenia/Caucasus, Vazgen Zohrabyan, 6 groups of volunteers were formed, who started to help the needy people, especially the elderly.

Food boxes were set up with everything a family needed for a week. Books from Derek Prince were also placed in the boxes, which should have given people hope and optimism in these difficult days. As a result, about 300 people have been provided with food during these days, and about 65,000 people have been reached by the "Exchange at the Cross" teaching.

These days, the Derek Prince Ministries Armenian office is sharing the message of hope and faith to thousands. One of our readers, Anahit, testified that all her food supplies ran out in her large family. The five children had nothing else to eat. But the mother urged the children to pray and to believe that God would take care of them for tomorrow. When our volunteers visited his family in the morning and handed him a week's supply of food and also Derek Prince's books, she thanked with tears for the help at the right time.

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