Bringing Relief to Syrian refugees

Blankets, sheets, food – those are the materials Omar* and his team are taking to refugees and families in need in Syria. They are also contributing to heating fuel costs, as winter is coming soon and it can be very cold in Syria. But, as well as material comfort, they also share hope and spiritual food by giving them Arabic Bible teaching and SD-cards containing Derek Prince's Bible teaching.

Omar and his team also support the many Syrians who have fled to Jordan to seek safety.  Recently, Omar received a phone call from a lady, who has a ministry serving prisoners and their families in Jordan, asking for 50 SD-Cards.

Another lady, whose relative is in prison, told Omar how much Derek’s teaching means to her: “I listened to Derek's teaching on the SD-card. The teaching made me hopeful in a very depressing time. It pushed me forward to keep on with my family. It looked like a light for me in heavy darkness.”

Praise the Lord for He is watching to see that His word is fulfilled.

(We have changed Omar’s real name for safety reasons)

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