Bulgaria: Healed from lung cancer (testimony)

Anna (40 years old) is living in Bulgaria. Recently, she shared how God healed and saved her, and how Derek's book 'The Three Most Powerful Words' changed her life. She wrote:

"Five years ago I was diagnosed with lung cancer and went to a hospital for treatment. My mother and sister are devoted believers and they prayed for me. Their church also prayed for me for months.

Regardless of the treatment, the illness was getting worse and worse. I was totally exhausted and out of strength. My sister was encouraging me and trying to give me hope by telling me about Jesus and His healing power. I didn’t rely very much on this. It was difficult for me to believe it.

One day when my sister came to see me. She said that Jesus had told her that I had to forgive someone and if I was willing to do so, He would heal me. When she told me this I immediately knew who the person was. It was really a shock for me and I decided to forgive.

Then my sister gave me the book ‘The Three Most Powerful Words” by Derek Prince. I read it and forgave everyone and everything I could remember of. Not long after my health began to improve rapidly and in two months my lungs were totally cleared up. I was so grateful and full of joy that when my sister offered me to accept Jesus as my Saviour I gladly did it. Since then I have read many of Derek Prince’s books and they helped me to grow in my faith and rely on and trust the Lord Jesus Christ. May God bless you."

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