Cambodia: 870 new believers after outreach

Outreaches were held in three provinces in Cambodia with ministry partner, One-2-One. One outreach was held for over 1,300 young people in late February. One school principal brought all 300 students and 50 teachers! The gospel was shared, and 870 people came to salvation! Each person received the God is My Father Proclamation Card. 

During the outreaches we distributed Derek’s booklet, Do You Realize How Valuable You Are? to over 1,200 people. 

Two women’s outreaches were held in March, one on International Women’s Day and one for 800 mothers where over 500 women came to salvation! All received a Proclamation Card.

Reaching this younger generation has a special meaning to our co-worker, Dr. Annie Chen-Green. She once said: "This country, back in 1960s, was once referred to as ‘Jewel of Southeast Asia’, even better than Singapore. When the Khmer Rouge came, almost the entire generation was wiped off. All the smart people, intellects, and promising thinkers all but languished and disappeared. It is only in the young people that Cambodia still has tremendous hopes to succeed, and make this place a jewel it once was, again.”


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