Cambodia: Derek's Khmer language proclamations on radio

We are very excited to have Derek’s Khmer language proclamations broadcast on radio daily!

We have an open door to give Derek’s Khmer teaching to churches and Bible schools. We sent 35 sets of material to a pastor for his leaders and other pastors, 50 copies of the Self-Study Bible Course to a church, 120 sets to Bible school graduates, and 120 sets to a pastors’ conference.

DPM–New Zealand Trustee, Alan, his wife Lynda, and ministry friends, Peter and Elisabeth, had successful training and ministry in Cambodia with hundreds of pastors, ministry leaders and youth. Alan says: “Time and time again, the people responded with willing and open hearts and absorbed the teaching like dry sponges. Their notebooks are full of notes, and they give full participation at any interactive session. What a joy and blessing to serve these amazing people.”   

Huy Ly, director DPM Cambodia

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