CAMBODIA: Pastors training - Kampot Province

Kampot is a city in southwest Cambodia, edging onto the Gulf of Thailand on its southern coastline.  The area is well-known for its pepper plantations and salt fields, with most tourists visiting to see the old French colonial architecture. 

The team from DPM Cambodia held a pastors and church leaders training session during May for 26 pastors from 20 local churches from this province. Pastor Vicheat, our DPM-Cambodia interpreter, shared on two of Derek’s messages, Praying for the Government and Salt of the Earth.  We then divided into small groups to study some of Derek’s other teaching material.                

Pastor Kong Yu, from Poti Dos church, shared with us that she is so touched by Derek’s book Praying for the Government. She said “we always have so much compliancy when talking about the Government, but Derek gives us a revelation to pray for our Government because we are Christians standing in the gap between God and people, life and death. It is so important that we learn to pray for our Government and for people to have the same revelation of the truth and salvation from Jesus Christ alone.”


Pastor Seang Vy from Trum Sbov Church also shared with us that “Kampot Province is well known for producing salt and that God calls us to be the salt of the earth. Our function, as Christians, is to give flavour to the earth and our presence makes the earth acceptable to God, enabling him to deal with it in grace and mercy, rather than in wrath and judgement. Let Kampkot Province produce more salt and make a difference in the whole country of Cambodia.”


After the training session, we gave out Derek’s teaching materials to the pastors, which was very well received.  They will now use these teaching materials to share with their congregations, for youth outreaches and in prison ministry. They were so grateful and are really looking forward for future partnership with us again.

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