Cambodia: Proclaming the gospel in Khmer language

Approximately 95% of Cambodia's population follows Theravada Buddhism and animism. The Buddhist monasteries and monkhood, together with Buddhist doctrines such as reincarnation and the accumulation of merit, are at the centre of religious life, but interact with indigenous beliefs such as the central role of ancestors and spirits. In this country DPM director Annie and National Coordinator Huy are working with many churches and villagers to hold outreaches in a remote province. The Gospel will be shared, and local pastors and others will be trained in using Derek’s material.

Our translator is working on the Self Study Bible Course in the Khmer language and plans to translate four other titles this year.

Twenty-six Proclamation Cards have already been published in the Khmer language. They will bless and encourage many, including local churches and Bible schools where the DPM team will hold training sessions.

After printing The Divine Exchange in the Khmer language, we have been able to give away copies:

  • at a soccer event for 200 young people, which took place in conjunction with a partner ministry.
  • to 1,000 women and children in prison in partnership with Prison Fellowship of Cambodia.
  • to the students at Highland Bible School where we had training and focused on the book’s topic.