Cambodia: videoreport Youth Outreach

With two-third of the population in Cambodia under 30 years of age, youth ministry is one of the focus areas of DPM-Cambodia. Recently we partnered with a local church at Sambo Preykuk village, K. Thom  Province,  reaching out to about  100 young people. They paid a lot of attention to our sharing that there is a God who is our creator and we are His sons and daughters. He sees us as beautiful in His own eyes.

One of our team's family, who was a movie star and also an MC at a TV channel, shared her testimony during this outreach. She said that people only loved her beauty, but this love does not last long; she was very hurt and tried to commit suicide when her boyfriend left her. Then she was so touched by Jesus' love when her sister shared with her about this God named Jesus. She found true love; an unchangeable love that will never leave her again. Her life is totally changed. Now she is married to a Christian man and both of them are serving the Lord together. Many young people raised their hands and accepted Jesus into their lives. Praise the Lord and glory to Him.


Youth cards are a powerful tool for youth outreach. This time we used the card 'I Look Good' and distributed them to each young person.

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