Cambodia: Young Pastor discovers the authority of Jesus Christ over demonic powers

Cambodia has a population of 16.2 million people. The Joshua Project reports that about 85% of Cambodians are Buddhist, with only 3% of the population being Christian; but Christianity is on the rise, with many seeking to know the real God.

Yao Phor, a young pastor in a north-eastern province in Cambodia, has about 100 people in his congregation. He shared that there are many demonic works in his village - the devil makes people sick and asks them to kill animals as an offering.

When a New Zealand missionary couple visited Cambodia earlier this year and held a seminar for pastors, Yao Phor eagerly attended. The teaching given was from Derek’s book What’s So Important About the Cross? Today Yao Phor thanks God that Jesus shed His blood on the cross to set us free from the work of evil; free to worship the only God who created this world. This has been this young pastor’s desire since he was young - seeking the real God; the “biggest God over all”.

He now knows that the cross is not just a symbol of religion; it is about the love of Jesus; the salvation He freely gives us by His amazing grace and that He calls us His children when we accept Him in our lives. Yao Phor says “Thanks to DPM who also blessed us with many books so that we can study and use them in our village and church”.

Over the past year, our translators have been busy putting Derek’s teaching into the national Khmer language. And, thanks to your generosity, hundreds of pastors, leaders and believers have already attended teaching seminars and received many free copies of Derek’s books to help their own spiritual growth and to share with their congregations.

Translation of Derek’s material into the Khmer language began in 2015, starting with a few Teaching Letters.  Our first opportunity to distribute these was at a talent quest attended by 800 young people aged 18-35 years.  A second outreach was held which attracted 1,000 young people who each received a copy of the booklet Divine Exchange.  Several other outreaches have also been held for hundreds of young people, with Derek’s material being given away to those attending. 
Translation has now been completed of Derek’s six-book compilation Life Changing Spiritual Power and this will be a great tool to many Pastors and Christian leaders throughout the nation.  

This year, we will translate and publish more of Derek’s teaching in Khmer and would like to reach even more people with his Bible teaching. One of the best ways of doing this is by voicing Derek’s audio messages in Khmer and broadcasting them in the capital, Phnom Penh (population 1.5 million) and in Kampong Thom Province (population 710,000). Derek’s audio messages will also be available on the DPM-Cambodia website and App – with the first six available right now.

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