China: "Our church has been fed on Derek's teaching over the years"

The China we see on the outside is not the China taking place for Christians inside China. A China team member was recently told inside China that Sunday School is now banned in some areas. A pastor said his church was raided by Security Police who demanded that the seats set up for Sunday School be removed, as no class teaching could take place. Another pastor was told that any group of more than 10 people (including Sunday services) would result in a fine of over US $1,000 per person. 

This increasing persecution makes us even more thankful for all the teaching that we were able to share and distribute in China. 

One of our team was approached spontaneously in China by a pastor at a meeting where he was speaking. The pastor said how thrilled he was that the team member had mentioned the name of Ye Guang Ming (Derek Prince in Chinese) as the people in his church had been fed on his teaching over the years. The pastor who hosted the gathering (there were 100-plus attending the meetings) gave out the USB sticks with Derek's 30x13 materials to everybody.

We praise the Lord for times when we see what Derek’s teaching has done for believers in China. Please continue to pray for our Christian brothers and sisters and for expansion of our ministry in China


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