China - outreach update August 2020

From the first day of the coronavirus’ outbreak, our DPM China outreach team knew that they had to do something to offer spiritual encouragement and support to Christians they engaged with via WeChat - China’s main social media platform.   

Their efforts paid off. They have seen a tremendous increase of online users who have been accessing Derek’s Chinese material. There have been 150,000 eBook downloads, 10,000 views monthly on WeChat, and use by 170,000 people on our mobile App!

A recipient of Derek’s teaching wrote: "Thank you so much for posting the articles from God’s Remedy for Rejection on WeChat. Many Christians experience certain kinds of rejection during their lives.”

Pressures on the churches in China continue, as well as Covid-19 dangers as churches slowly reopen with social distancing. There are also other battles, such as recent severe floods. So, continue to pray for the DPM–China team, especially those located inside China.

Thank you for supporting our China Outreach 

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