Church in Pakistan: ‘The most unique teaching ever heard’

James, director of DPM Pakistan, recently visited Multan in central Pakistan, a spiritually difficult city, to speak at two church services in St. Mary’s Cathedral and a leaders’ gathering. The messages were on the Holy Spirit and the teaching from How to Pass from Curse to Blessing. Upon the altar call, 18 people gave their lives to the Lord, and almost everyone raised their hand when asked who would like prayer for release from the curse. The congregation testified this was the most unique teaching they had ever heard! Copies of each of Derek’s Urdu books were donated to the Diocese library.  

While in Multan, James spoke at the Solid Rock Bible School. This was a great opportunity to provide the 11 new graduates and faculty members with Derek’s books and CDs. 

Three outreaches were also held in Central Punjab. The teams gave out Praying for the Government; Divine Exchange; Expelling Demons, Life-Changing Spiritual Power and other books to Christians and non-Christians.

James and Elizabeth, Directors DPM Pakistan