Croatia: 10 Foundation Series booklets published to help believers build a strong foundation for their faith

10 Foundation Series bookletsIn 2017 the ten Foundation  Series booklets were translated and published in Croatia. This teaching helps believers to build a strong foundation for their faith and testimony of Jesus Christ. Derek´s teaching is also bringing light into the lives of many believers from traditional churches, liberating them from dead traditions and leading them into a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Melita, a Roman Catholic believer, called our worker in Croatia recently to say she had heard about Derek´s teachings. She was complaining about a situation in her family and the evil things happening to them. She wanted to know more about curses, demons and many other things. He introduced her to Derek´s teachings on these topics and his prayers for these issues.

Marko, also a Roman Catholic believer, heard from a Roman Catholic priest about Derek´s teachings. He called us and asked what books we would recommend to him. After he read them, he called back and told me how much they blessed his life. He ordered extra copies to give to his friends. 

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