Croatia: From believer in yoga and TM to Christ


We praise God that Derek´s teaching is available in Croatian. We want to share these testimonies:

  • Someone contacted us through our website:" I am a believer since 1996. I got converted through Derek Prince’s books: Blessing or Curse and Foundation Series. These are rare to find, for most books are from Roman Catholic authors. I believe it was God´s grace, for it was the beginning of an exodus for me from false teachings.

    Until then my hope and faith was in TM, yoga, and universal life. The fact is I read the Foundation Series books twice in three months. The first time, under the influence of false gospels and demons, I tore it apart and threw it in the garbage. But praise Jesus, the seed of God´s Word was already sown in me, and soon came forth fruit. Then I got another copy. Jesus saved me! After that, all of my occult books ended up in the garbage.

    That same year I was baptized in water, and since then I am serving in the local Church. God blessed me with a beautiful wife, four sons and one daughter. I am leading children’s work and sometimes serve on the worship team. I approach the work of brother Prince with respect, realizing that all of the glory goes to our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father and the Holy Spirit. 
  • A man bought the book Husbands and Fathers and was so impressed with the teaching that he ordered all 27 Croatian titles we have printed so he can lend them to his relatives and friends.

  • A woman was encouraged by a Roman Catholic priest to buy Derek´s book Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose and read it in an attitude of prayer. Afterward, a friend of hers also requested it.


Damir & Irene Blazic, DPM Croatia


carmen ruiz

carmen ruiz

Derek Prince preaching saved my life, truly the Lord heard my prayers when I needed someone to deliver me from all the demons that was a hindrance to my spirit and my health. I give all the glory to my Father above Jesus Christ.

23 December 20201:56

John Wainwright

John Wainwright

Tears fill my eyes at the very thought of Derek Princes legacy and the beacon of hope that he has always been. To find honesty in true Christian experience these days is getting harder and harder to find. The church seems to be full of cessationists, on the one hand, or fake prosperity preachers on the other. Derek was a modest man, but he moved in genuine healings and demonic deliverance. Who can dare to argue with the working of the Holy Spirit through Derek's ministry. I despair most of all at the relentless message of the cessationists. Clouds without water! Powerless! Useless! Bless the Lord for Derek and long may his legacy bless the truth seekers.

12 January 202016:54

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