Croatia: "Miracles happen when we put Jesus' words into practice!"

Christians in Croatia struggle with all kinds of questions about the Word of God and His will. When to baptise a new believer in water?  Is it God's will for everyone to speak in tongues? Do we have to forgive unconditionally to everyone? Can Christians have a demon?  Does God heal today through laying on of hands? Damir, our co-worker in Croatia, sees how Derek's teachings help to address these questions. These testimonies will show you how.

Release from a curse

Damir: "About four months ago, I received a phone call on my mobile phone. The man had some questions about curses. Could it be his life was under a curse? His brother committed suicide, he did not know who was his father, his mother died only a few years after his birth...

I recommended him to watch Derek s teachings on our YouTube channel and to read his books about Blessing or Curse. So he did. We made several phone calls in which I led him into some prayers. In one of our conversations, I told him that God's will for him was to be baptized in water.  After some time of looking at the Bible to see if that was really true, he accepted to be baptized.

He invited me to come over, so I and two went to his house. He showed us about 7 of Derek´s books that he read and told us how this teaching had changed his life and his prayer life. After the brothers baptized him in the bathtub, the Holy Spirit fell upon him and he spoke in tongues. It was wonderful to be a witness of these things." 

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Seven indications

Elsa send us another testimony. She is living in Croatia and said: "A  few months ago, I heard Derek's teaching on the subject of deliverance from curses. It opened my eyes for my situation because in my life I have experienced things no one would believe.

My sister sent me a link to those video messages. Derek was showing seven indications of a curse. Unfortunately, I have found that I have all seven of them! In the second video, Derek prays a prayer of deliverance and I joined him in that prayer. Near the end of the prayer, both of my hands dropped upon my body in great pain and I vomited. This lasted for about 3 minutes and then suddenly stopped.

Since that time I sleep normal, and I love life. I have found peace, and finally, I am breathing! I thank God for being always close to me, to show me the way, I have surrendered myself to Him. I hope to be baptized in the sea soon."

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"I cannot say that..."

Damir: "Some time ago, Sava, a brother in Christ contacted me through Facebook. From his youth he had been a stutterer. He had looked for help from different people and different sources, but could not find it. He was told that it is his thorn in the flesh and his cross. Now he was wondering if I could help him.

I replied, that behind his problem there could be a demonic source. He agreed with me. I offered to pray for him for deliverance, but recommended him first to watch Derek's teachings on curses and demons, which he did. 

We met over Facebook Messenger, and I led him into different prayers as Derek did, such as confession of his own sins and sins of his ancestors, forgiving others, breaking curses. In Jesus' name, I expelled demons. I gave him the prayers in written form and asked him to pray out loud to God.

On two separate occasions, I prayed for him and nothing significant had happened. I told him not to give up but to be persistent in his faith. When we met for the third time through Facebook Messenger, I led him into prayers again. I asked him to say out loud to God: "Father God, in Jesus name, I confess all of my sins of unforgiveness." He tried to say it several times, but then said: "I am sorry, but I cannot say that. Something is blocking me to speak those words."

I bound the devil and demons over him in Jesus' name, but he again could not say it out loud. Then both of us bound all of the powers of the enemy. Then he said without stuttering “Father God, in Jesus' name, I confess all of my sins of unforgiveness.” It was a miracle to us. Then, for about 20 minutes I rebuked and expelled demons that were causing stuttering. Afterwards, we had a casual conversation, and he spoke well.

Two days later he sent me the following message: “Hi brother, truthfully, I speak really better now. My speech problem has greatly decreased. I speak much more fluently now. I have noticed this for the past few days, but I did not want to tell you until I was really convinced the change lasted. I am 80% better and I have a feeling of peace. I am more relaxed and that is a key."  This is what happens when we would put into practice Derek's teachings and his way of ministry: Jesus will do miracles! 

We are still believing for 100% improvement. Cava is interested to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit, so now I have sent him Derek's video on YouTube about Immersion in the Spirit.

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