Foundations Devotionals for 2020 - An introduction

A new series of daily devotionals by Derek Prince

So many Christians would love to boldly share their testimony of faith, but feel they lack the knowledge to do so. Do you recognise this feeling?

Others, who are new believers, are hungry to know God better, and want to learn more about the Christian faith.

This new series of web devotionals can help. The studies are taken from Derek Prince’ book Foundational Truths for Christian Living – a book that has been a vital resource for millions of believers, pastors and Christian leaders around the world since it first was published in 1993.

Few people realize that the material for this book was developed for Derek Prince’ first radio programme, which was broadcast once a week during 1963 and 1964. It continued for a year and was later compiled into a book.

In the coming 365 days you will explore the Biblical instructions and spiritual power of :

  • Building a strong foundation for faith
  • The power of repentance and faith
  • The New Testament baptisms
  • The purposes of Pentecost
  • Laying on of hands
  • Resurrection of the dead
  • Eternal judgment

Memory verse

Each week, you will be challenged to memorize one key Bible verse. It will relate in some way to your overall study. Memorizing these verses will place a spiritual sword in your hands which you, by the Holy Spirit, will be able to use in times of spiritual conflict.

You will want to write and say these verses out loud several times until you are confident you know it well. Take time to meditate on the words and their application to your life. Another option that can help you to memorize a verse, is by inviting a friend of family member to join you. Together, you could memorize a verse, talk briefly about its meaning or share how you applied it.

A word of encouragement

About this study of the Foundations, Derek Prince said : "Try to approach these studies with an open heart and mind. Do your best to lay aside any personal prejudices or preconceptions you may have – wheter intellectual or religious. Let God speak directly to you in His own words. He has much to say to you – and all of it is for your good."

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