December outreach to Iran: divine appointments

Around Christmas time a team went on a mission trip to Iran. As soon as they safely passed the boarder they started to pray: “Lord, what is Your will for this time?” 

Our team member shares: “A taxi driver took us to one of Iran’s bigger cities. While driving, the driver shared how his wife almost died from gas intoxication and how thankful he was to God. We showed from the Bible God’s good will for him and his family. His heart was open to hear about Jesus and after a while he started to cry and received Jesus as his Savior. The car was filled with God’s presence! After a couple of hours driving we left the car, but not before we blessed him in Jesus’ name and gave him our contact details.

It was night when we arrived in the city. There was snow and it was cold, so there were not many people on the streets. We started walking the streets and prayed for the city and all the people who are living there. The next morning we continued this, asking God for his guidance. After two hours a young man on the street asked: “I can tell you are not locals. Where are you from?” He invited us to his house and we received that as an answer to our prayers.

That same night we went to his house, where we also met his father, mother and sister. We shared the Gospel to them. The young man, his mother and sister received it as a message from God. They soon proclaimed Jesus Christ to be God.

We had an wonderful time and realized it was God at work! God made us meet this young man, He had prepared their hearts and revealed Himself to them. All praise be to Him! Once again we realized this is what we need for outreach: to call upon Him and wait for His answer.

Because of security reasons we could not take a picture of this family, but we keep them in our prayer. Please pray with us for their faith in Christ to grow!”



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