Devotional: A Heart Set Free

I run in the path of your commands,
for you have set my heart free.
Psalm 119:32

What does it mean to be free? Does it mean that you do anything you please at any time? That you throw off all discipline and restraint, and indulge every whim and desire as it arises? That is the picture of freedom many people have today, but it does not correspond with the facts of human experience. We may crown self king over our lives, but we soon discover that self is only a puppet, directed by unseen powers over which it has no control. In reality, the indulgence of self is slavery to sin and to Satan.

David discovered a different kind of freedom—a freedom that comes only from God. He says, “You have set my heart free.” What is the evidence of this freedom?“ I run in the path of your commands.” The freedom David discovered did not consist in indulging his own whims and desires. Rather, it was a freedom to obey God and do His will. An old prayer of the Church declares that God’s service is perfect freedom. The Latin original goes further and says that to serve God is to reign as a king.

I meet some professing believers who are offering God a bare minimum. Their attitude seems to be: What is the least I can do and still be “saved”? Not so with David. There is exhilaration in the way he describes his freedom. He does not merely walk in the path of obedience to God. He actually runs. He finds himself obeying God not reluctantly or grudgingly, but freely and joyfully. Such is the scriptural evidence of a heart truly set free.

Faith’s Response

I renounce the deception of self-indulgence and commit myself wholly to the service of God.

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