Devotional: Commit —Then Trust!

Commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in Him, and He will do it.
PSALM 37:5 

Do you want God in charge of your situation, your problems, your whole life? There are three simple steps that lead to this.

First, commit your way to the Lord. That is a single decisive act. Committing your way to the Lord is like depositing money in a bank. You hand your money over to the teller, take your own hands off it, and obtain a receipt for it. After that, you know that you have deposited your money in the bank. The receipt is your evidence.

Second, trust also in the Lord. Commitment is a single act, but trust is a continuing attitude. Once you have deposited your money in the bank, you do not go on worrying whether it is still there, or whether the bank knows what to do with it. You just trust the bank. In this case, however, you are not trusting the bank, you are trusting the Lord.

Once you have taken the first two steps, then the third step is the Lord’s. He will do it. He will “bring it to pass” (KJV). Whatever situation you have in mind, whatever need, whatever problem, whatever decision, commit it to the Lord—that is the act. From then on you go on trusting Him—that is the attitude.

This gives you the wonderful, peaceful assurance that the Lord will do it. He is in control. You can trust the bank with your money and you can trust the Lord with your problem. Just take it to Him, commit it to Him, and continue trusting Him. What about the receipt? That is the witness of the Holy Spirit within your heart that God has accepted your commitment.

Faith’s Response

By a decision of my will, Lord, I commit to You that particular situation that concerns me and I trust You to work it out.

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