Devotional: Do you know the heart’s desire of the Holy Spirit?

Do you know the heart’s desire of the Holy Spirit? It can be found in the words of Jesus in John 16:12–15:

“He [the Holy Spirit] shall glorify me…”

Everything the Holy Spirit does glorifies Jesus. Jesus said, “He shall glorify me.” That’s very important because once we cease to glorify Jesus in our services, our lives, our speech and our actions, the Holy Spirit withdraws. He will not give himself, He will not impart His grace and His wisdom and His power to anything that does not glorify Jesus.

I remember once in the local church I attended, we had a specially blessed and anointed service. Afterwards, I said to the worship leader, “You know why this service was particularly anointed and particularly blessed? It is because everything from beginning to end focused on Jesus and glorified him and that pleases the Holy Spirit.”

When we operate that way, the Holy Spirit endorses us, He anoints us, He flows through us, but the moment we cease to glorify Jesus, the Holy Spirit is grieved and He withdraws and waits until we come back to our primary task of glorifying Jesus.


Just imagine what your day would look like if you glorified Jesus in all your words and actions: at home, at work, at school, in the supermarket, while travelling. Wouldn’t it be great? If you’re excited about it, pray about it!


Holy Spirit, it is your desire to glorify Jesus, just as it is mine. However, I confess that so often I fail to do so. Help me to stay focused on Jesus today, in all I do and say. Amen.


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