Devotional: Do You Want to Grow?

There are two key experiences in which the Holy Spirit relates to us to God as His children. The first is the new birth, being born again of the Spirit of God. That’s a one-time experience.

The second way in which the Holy Spirit relates us to God’s family is by making us mature sons of God—not just little babies, not just little children. It is not God’s purpose for you to remain permanently children. God has a plan for you to grow up into mature sons. This is where you are again dependent on the Holy Spirit. Because, apart from the Holy Spirit, we cannot grow up, we cannot mature.

Paul says in Romans 8:14:

For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.

The word sons there is not the same as the word children in other passages. This means a mature son, one who is responsible, one who is in control of his life, one who knows how to act, and who has authority. How do we come to that place of maturity? Paul says, “All who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.” That’s the second great ministry of the Spirit in our lives as members of God’s family, it’s to mature us.

Paul writes his statement in a continuing present tense. We have to be continually led every day, every hour, in every situation by the Spirit of God. That’s the only way we can live as mature sons of God.

Many Christians who have been born again have never learned to be led by the Spirit of God. Consequently, they never achieve maturity. Not because the provision is not there but because they have not understood how to be led by the Holy Spirit.

I pointed out that we must understand, in this context, that the Holy Spirit is a person. He’s not a theological abstraction, He’s not a system; He’s a person. And in cultivating a relationship with Him, I pointed out the keyword is sensitivity. We have to learn to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as a person.


It is God’s desire for me to be continually led by the Holy Spirit, so I can become a mature child. What is my reason for longing to be led by the Spirit?


Righteous Father, your plan for me is to become a mature child, with authority. You want me to know how to act in each situation, through your Holy Spirit. Thank you for His guidance. Give me ears to hear and eyes to see His prompts today. Amen. 

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How to be Led by the Holy Spirit

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