Devotional: Friendship with God’s People

I am a friend to all who fear you,
to all who follow your precepts.
Psalm 119:63

When you tell someone you are a Christian, you may usually anticipate a certain kind of response: What denomination do you belong to? What Church do you attend? Are you a Baptist, a Methodist, a Lutheran, a Catholic? For my part, I question whether God is as much concerned about these labels as some human beings are. I, at least, am not interested in being pigeonholed according to a denominational label. Once people have put me into one of their little religious “boxes,” their minds are no longer open to the issues that really matter. I prefer them to relate to me as a person, not as a religious exhibit. When people ask me, therefore, what denomination I belong to, I like to answer in the words of David: “I am a friend to all who fear God and follow His precepts.” This places the emphasis on the primary issues: my relationship with God and with His people.

My first wife, Lydia, once shocked a Catholic lady, who was our neighbour, by remarking casually, “Of course there won’t be any Catholics in heaven.” As the lady stood open-mouthed with shock and astonishment, Lydia quickly added, “There won’t be any Protestants either. Heaven is for those who love and obey God.”

We do not have to wait until we reach heaven to make this discovery. Already here on earth, between people such as David describes, there is a bond of love and inner understanding that transcends all human religious labels.

Faith’s Response

Give me a heart of love, Lord, for all who fear you and follow Your precepts.

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