Devotional: God Hears and Answers

Praise awaits you, O God, in Zion; to you our vows will be fulfilled.
O you who hear prayer, to you all men will come.
When we were overwhelmed by sins, you forgave for our transgressions.
Psalm 65:1–3

It often happens that in a counselling session with some troubled soul—someone, perhaps, who is struggling with a broken marriage or a total breakdown of their health—I have to tell that person very honestly, “I don’t have the answer to your problem. I can’t tell you exactly what to do. But one thing I can tell you: God hears and answers prayer.”

That is just what the psalmist says here: “O you who hear prayer, to you all men will come.” Somewhere in the life of every one of us, there is a crossroads where we come face-to-face with our need of God. Then the thing that matters most is to know that God responds to prayer. Ultimately, that is what will bring the whole of humanity to God—the fact that He hears and answers prayer.

Above all others, there is one special prayer that God delights to answer, and that is the prayer for forgiveness of our sins. When we have sinned and failed God and man, we do not need to turn away in despair. So often the enemy of our souls would seek to convince us that there is no use in praying; we have gone too far, or sunk too low. But that is not true! God still waits to hear our prayer.

If we cry to Him for forgiveness, He will answer. Then we will be able to say, with David: “When we were overwhelmed by sins, you atoned for our transgressions.” Never let fear or guilt or despair keep you from praying. Remember, in the depths of your agony: God hears, and He answers prayer.

Faith’s Response

Lord, I have exhausted every human solution, but I still believe You will answer my prayer.

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