Devotional: How to Overcome Fear

When I am afraid, I will trust in you. In God, whose word I praise,
in God I trust; I will not be afraid.
Psalm 56:3–4

One thing I especially appreciate in the Bible is its honesty. It faces facts. It pictures life as it is. It takes account of human weakness. David does not make false claims for himself. He does not say, “I will never be afraid.” Rather, he acknowledges: “There may come times when I will be afraid. But when those times come, I will know what to do. I will trust in God and I will praise His Word—His sure, unfailing Word. Trusting and praising will overcome my fear.”

In the life of faith there is often a conflict between two areas of our being: our spirit and our emotions. In our emotions, we go through all the reactions of fear, perhaps even of panic. In vain we struggle against it. It grips us. But there is another area of our being—the spirit—that will not yield to panic, that does not accept the dictates of emotions. The spirit within us says, “I will not accept the verdict of my emotions about this situation. I will turn to God. I will remember what His Word says. I will find the promise of God that meets my need. In my emotions, I may feel fear, but in my innermost being I trust, and that trust imparts to me a security and a confidence that are much deeper than my emotions.”

In such a situation our personality may be compared to a river on a windy day. Our emotions are like the waves on the surface—troubled and tossed. But in the innermost depths of our being, the life of our spirit flows on in untroubled peace.

Faith’s Response

Lord, I thank You for the peace deep inside me that is not affected by the winds on life’s surface.

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