Devotional: Priority n° 1: the Kingdom of God

After having seen that we need to change our thinking, we’ve also looked at another area in which we need to change ‑ God's objectives. We saw that the two primary objectives of God, in all His dealings in the universe are, first of all, His own glory and satisfaction and, secondly, excellence.

As an example of God's priority on excellence, we’ve looked briefly at the record of creation ‑ that God checked every stage in creation to see that it came up to His standard. When He saw that it was good, then He continued. And, at the end, when He saw the whole of creation, He saw that it was very good. So, those are, I believe, God's two primary objectives that we need to understand, we need to embrace, we need to enter into ‑ His own glory and satisfaction and excellence.

Now we are going to deal with the second main area: God's priorities. They of tremendous importance. Unless our priorities are in line with God's, we cannot really agree with God; we cannot walk with God.

I want to suggest to you that God's first priority centres in His kingdom. The first priority of God, in all His dealings with the human race and with this world of ours, is to bring God's kingdom into being on earth. And I want to emphasize "on earth," because I think many Christians have got a wrong priority. Their priority is to get to heaven. Well, that's important but I don't believe that's really God's priority. It may be a stage in the process but God's real priority is to get heaven to earth. That's where the Bible is so different from the thinking of religious people. Most religious people, in one way or another, think in terms of escaping from the world situation. God thinks in terms of establishing His kingdom in the world situation.

We’ll see in the next couple of days what this really means.

Lord, what a great power faith is in my life; a power that safeguards against the corruption of sin and helps me to excel in goodness. In Jesus' power, I can pursue God's measure of excellence - in my ethical choices, in my family and in relationships, in my work, and in all other areas. Amen.




Louis Egyin

Louis Egyin

We thank God for the message of the Kingdom of God. This is the priority of God. that The Kingdom of Heaven impacts the earth. Hence Jesus taught us to pray for the Kingdom of Heaven to come on earth. It's my ardent prayer that the eye of the understanding of many religious people will be opened to know the true reason Jesus came to earth - Thus to restore the Kingdom that Adam lost back to human. To reinstate us back to the position where God originally put us, and to have our dominion mandate back as we in obedience enjoy intimate relationship with Him. Jesus, The Christ came as a King with His Government upon His Shoulder and Not as a Religious leader or a Prophet.

25 November 202120:49

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