Devotional: Promises That Stand the Test

Your promises have been thoroughly tested,
and your servant loves them.
Psalm 119:140

What comfort and assurance David offers us out of his own experience! God’s promises have been thoroughly tested.They are not mere theories, not just abstract theology. In all the different circumstances of life, they stand the test. To this testimony of David my own heart echoes Amen!

For more than sixty years I have lived by the promises of God. I have proved them in many different circumstances: in war, in famine, in sickness, in loneliness, in bereavement, in misunderstanding. When I had lain for one year in the hospital with a condition the doctors were not able to cure, I turned to God’s promises and received a complete and lasting healing. When my first wife was called home after we had spent thirty years together, God’s promises of comfort met my need as no human comfort could do.

Like David therefore, I want to recommend God’s promises to you. There is a promise to meet every need that arises in our life—and every one of them stands the test. Perhaps you have been disillusioned, hurt, disappointed because some person—or persons—have made promises to you and then failed to keep them. God is not like that. He keeps all His promises. Do not be discouraged if people have let you down. Do not become embittered or cynical, because that will only harm you. Just turn your eyes to God. Focus on His faithfulness. Put your trust in His promises. They have been thoroughly tested.

Faith’s Response

Show me, Lord, how to appropriate the promises of Your Word that will meet each need in my life.

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