Remember the word to Your servant,
In which You have made me hope.
This is my comfort in my affliction,
That Your word has revived me.
Psalm 119:49–50 NASB

Has it occurred to you that there are times when we can remind God of something? David does that here. He reminds God of a promise God had given him. He says, in effect, “I am holding on to Your promise, Lord. It is my only source of hope. I am looking to You for its fulfilment.”

Many times in the Bible, God shaped the lives of His servants by the specific, personal promises that He gave them. This was true of Abraham, Joseph, Moses and many others. In each case, the course of their lives was directed by the outworking of the promises God had made. In times of darkness, they went back to these promises and lifted them up afresh to God.

Does this mean God needs to be reminded by us, in case He should forget His own words? No, I do not believe that. It may happen, however, that we receive a promise and hold it in our hearts—perhaps for many years—but it remains dormant, like seed beneath the soil. Then, at a moment of the Holy Spirit’s prompting, we reaffirm to God our faith in what He has promised us. This produces two related results. It releases the power of God within the promise to bring about its fulfilment. At the same time, it imparts new life and strength to us. This is why David goes on to say, “Thy word has revived me.” For us also today, knowing how to respond to God’s promises is the key to the fulfilment of His plan for our lives.

Faith’s Response

I reaffirm my faith, Lord, in every promise You have given me.

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