Devotional: Settled in Heaven

Forever, O LORD, Your word is settled in heaven.
Psalm 119:89 NASB

Over many centuries man has sought through speculation and reasoning to discover the nature of God, but he has always ended in frustration. Different philosophers, all claiming to apply pure reason, have arrived at completely different conclusions: God is perfect mind; God is total reality; God is immanent in all existence; there is no God; and so on. Over against all such speculations, God has sovereignly chosen to reveal Himself, not to man’s reason, but to his faith.

The primary channel of God’s self-revelation is the unique Book He has caused to be written, the Bible. In the words of David here quoted, the Bible tells us three wonderful facts about itself. The first fact is contained in the opening word: forever. The Bible is eternal. It is not affected by the passage of time. It does not change with fashions, or the events of history, or the attitudes or thoughts of man. It endures forever.

Second, David speaks of Your word. It is God’s Word, not man’s. It originates with God, not man. It is the revelation of God Himself—His ways, His thoughts, His attitudes, His purposes, His laws. Men were the channel through which it came, but always God was the source.

Third, this word is settled in heaven. Nothing that happens on earth can ever unsettle it. It is not subject tot he decrees of kings or emperors, or to the opinions of politicians, or to the violence of armies. It is out of reach of all evil forces. Ultimately it determines the course of all events on earth.

Faith’s Response

I receive by faith God’s revelation of Himself to me and bow to its authority in my life.

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