Devotional: Sharing God’s Loftiness

Who is like the LORD our God,
Who is enthroned on high,
Who humbles Himself to behold the things that are in heaven and in the earth?
He raises the poor from the dust
And lifts the needy from the ash heap,
To make them sit with princes,
With the princes of His people.
Psalm 113:5–8 NASB

The psalmist portrays two aspects of God’s nature that seem opposite, yet are beautifully combined in Him. On one side is God’s lofty grandeur. He is enthroned on high. He humbles Himself merely to look down at things in heaven, much more those on earth. On the other side is God’s tender compassion for the poor and the needy. He raises them from the dust—even from the ash heap—to set them with the princes of His people.

Through the prophet Isaiah God unfolds the same paradox, saying, “I live in a high and holy place, but also with him who is contrite and lowly in spirit . . .” (Isaiah 57:15). God does not exclude the lowly from His lofty dwelling. On the contrary, they are the ones whom He invites to share it with Him.

Traditionally, many of us have been given some understanding of God’s awesome grandeur. This is a common theme of both preachers and poets. But only the Holy Spirit can reveal to us the other side of God’s nature: His tender compassion and condescension. Contrasting God’s lofty majesty with our own position in the dust and the ash heap, we have felt ourselves totally unworthy of access to God, much less of fellowship with Him. We need to apprehend the divine paradox: It is our very lowliness that qualifies us to share God’s loftiness.

Faith’s Response

Out of my lowliness, Lord, I accept the invitation to share Your loftiness.

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