Devotional: The Key to Peace

Great peace have they who love your law,
and nothing can make them stumble.
Psalm 119:165

The Bible promises not just peace, but great peace. Unfortunately, our contemporary speech has been so debased that it is hard for us to appreciate the full scope of what God is offering us.

In the world today we have a very low view of peace. If two nations are not actually fighting one another with weapons of war, we call that peace. There may be hatred, fear, verbal abuse and recrimination, but we still speak about peace. The Bible has a much higher standard. The Hebrew word for peace is shalom.It means more than just the absence of strife or war. It is connected with a root that means completeness or wholeness. So peace is wholeness, completeness. It implies that there is nothing lacking in our life. A person who has peace in this sense is a complete person and leads a full life.

This is the kind of life promised to those who love the law of God, for His law is as wide in its scope as peace. It covers every area of our lives—spiritual, emotional, physical, material. As we bring each of these areas under the law of God, we find ourselves in harmony with the universe around us, for that, too, is governed by the same law. Then nothing can make us stumble.

We are not easily offended or discouraged. Opposition and difficulties do not overthrow us because the outworking of God’s law within us is stronger than anything that can come against us from without.

Faith’s Response

Bring my whole life under Your law, Lord, and release Your peace within me.

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