Devotional: The Next Step

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.
PSALM 119:105

David is here concerned about the way we are to walk through this world. He focuses on the two main elements in our walk: the feet that we walk with and the path that we walk on. He offers us the blessed assurance that if we fully trust and obey God’s Word, we never need to walk in darkness.

There will be times when the world around us will be in total darkness. We will not be able to see more than a few feet in any direction. There may be unsolved problems ahead. There may be dangers around the corner. But in the midst of it all we have this guarantee: If we are sincerely obeying the Word of God as it is revealed to us in any given situation, we will never walk in the dark. We will never put our foot in some treacherous place that will cause us to stumble and fall into injury or disaster.

This guarantee, however, applies only to one specific area: the place where we are to plant our next footstep. God does not promise us that we will be able to see more than one step ahead. Beyond that, we may have no way of knowing what awaits us—but that is not our concern. All that God requires of us is to take the next step of simple obedience to His Word.

Our greatest danger is that we will seek to peer too far ahead into the darkness. In so doing we may miss the place for our next step, which is the only area illuminated for us at that moment.

Faith’s Response

Lord, show me where to plant my foot just now in obedience to Your Word, and I will leave the future in Your hands.

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